Audio Alchemy Equipment List

PA System

6 x EVPX15 400W Powered Wedges

2x Logician 3K/130dB Groundstacks

4 x Logician integral amp ( 250w rms/126dB @1mtr spl ) stacks

6 x Logician 300w monitor wedges

Systems from LS, d&b, & TurboSound

Allen & Heath AH7000 80m Etherflex Cable

24+8 way x 60mtr multicore

24way x 15mtr multicore

16A & 13A power distribution


Mixing consoles

2x Allen & Heath GLD80

1x Allen & Heath QU32

1x Allen & Heath QU16

AR2412+AR0804 AudioRacks

1xYamaha O2R 96 (Studio)



2 x AKG C411/B29L contact set

2 x AKG C451EB

2 x AKG 414

1 x AKG C3000

1 x AKG D190C

4 x Audio-Technica AT2050

1 x Audix D6

1 x Beyer M201N

1 x Beyer M300N

1 x DPA 4099G

2 x Neuman KM84

6 x Sennheiser 604

3 x Sennheiser E865

2x Sennheiser 609

1 x Sennheiser Freeport wireless pack c/w ME3 headset

1 x Shure Beta52

5 x Shure SM57

4 x Shure SM58

1 x Yamaha MC7



8 x active & passive, from ART, BSS & Logician



6.5m x 3.5m x .5m, Trenomat alloy/ply 750kg/m2, x15 decks.



2 x Aphex106 4chan comp

2 x Aphex105 4chan gate

1 x BSS 966 Graphic

2 x dbx231 graphics

1 x Focusrite Voicemaster Pro

1 x Lexicon MPX100

1x Lexicon MPX500

1 x Mindprint EN - Voice

1 x Yamaha DEQ5

2 x Yamaha SPX90

1 x Yamaha REV100

Dennon CD & Sony MD playback



DANTE to Mac

1 x Alesis HD24

2 x Alesis ADAT

Mac G5 2.3 GHz Dual with Digidesign 002 Rack, ProTools & Logic7

1 x Revox A77 HS ¼"

1 x Sony DAT


Post production monitoring

Beyer DT100 and Sennheiser HD212 headphones

Tannoy Little Reds

Tannoy Reveals

Yamaha NS10's

Yamaha & Quad amplification

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